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Health Ministries
The Silverleaf Health Ministries Department exists to educate and assist church members, as well as the broader community, in the principles of healthy living.  A holistic approach to health is encouraged based on the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, science, and the acronym NEWSTART:

Trust in God

We recognise the inevitable connection between physical, mental and spiritual health and aim to make people aware of how their lifestyle choices can affect their spirituality and, ultimately, their relationship with God.  Together with the apostle John, we “…pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 1:2)
Weekly Health Tip
Essential Fatty Acids - Part 1   Nutrition - Part 6 - Lets Get Alkaline   Sunshine
Essential Fatty Acids - Part 2 Nutrition - Part 7 - Stomach Acid Blood Pressure
Essential Fatty Acids - Part 3 Nutrition - Part 8 - Digestive Disorders Temperance
Refined Bread, Alloxan and Diabetes Two Tips for the Winter Months Temperance - Part 2
Wholesome Bread Recipe A Healthy Bowel Air
Tips on Bread Making The Soya Debate
Breakfast Like a King Excitotoxins Rest
More about Protein Vitamin B12 Trust
Hot Box Breakfast Recipe Free Radicals and Antioxidants  
The China Study - Part 1 Health Yardsticks  
The China Study - Part 2 Strategy for Change  
Nutrition - Part 1 Exercise - Part 1  
Nutrition - Part 2 Exercise - Part 2  
Nutrition - Part 3 - Snacking Exercise - Part 3  
Nutrition - Part 4 - Sugar Water  
Nutrition - Part 5 - Acidity Hydrotherapy  
  Get Going and Walk
Walking is for all ages, fun, healthy and outdoors.We invite all to join us as we discover the joys of nature, once a week or as scheduled.

As this is a new venture, time will determine most popular routes, times and groupings. During the summer months we plan to do either Sunrise or Sunset walks to limit the effects of too much sun.

We welcome suggestions for routes which will be carefully considered according to the age and fitness levels of those participating.
Silverleaf SDA Health Ministries
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