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Crosspoint is a combined youth group founded in 2011, catering mostly for the senior youth of the Helderberg and Silverleaf SDA churches.  Although anyone is welcome, we focus our programs on topics specifically relevant to young adults (18-35 years of age).  Our goal is to create an informal environment for youth to fellowship together, make new friends, support one another and, most importantly, to grow together spiritually.

We have set our focus on three areas:
Growing spiritually – Being situated on Helderberg College Campus we are blessed to be surrounded by a wealth of godly, biblically-astute people.  We regularly invite the lecturers and pastors to lead us in studying the Bible.
Reaching out to our community – We have a passion for service and we enjoy visiting places such as old-age homes and hospitals, showing love to those who are amongst the most neglected in society.
Spending time together socially – Because of our shared values we have found that we just love spending time together as friends!  Crosspoint makes an effort to arrange as many opportunities for that to happen as possible.
We are serious about our Christianity, we are serious about making a positive difference in our community and we are serious about having fun together!
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  Friday Nights With Crosspoint
Diarise and remember your standing appointment, every Friday night 19:00 at the Clubhouse.

All are welcome - we are looking forward to spending time with you!
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