The Adventist Men’s Ministries is a subsidiary of the Personal Ministries Department, with a focus on Prison Ministries, Lay Preaching, and Community Services. The majority of frontline church leadership consists of men, and any shortfall in the development of men has direct implications on the state of the church, its mission, and livelihood. 

Sadly, social injustices such as abuse of women and children, rape (including child rape), children growing up without fathers, etc., are often the result of poor or no suitable male role models. In an attempt to address these injustices, the Silverleaf Men’s Ministries Department exists to support men in attaining all aspects of God-ordained maturity―particularly spiritual maturity. A man is part of a family, in a community, where the church resides; he has a career or profession, health, finances, and development―thus we seek to build valuable support structures to prepare men for the soon coming kingdom.