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Appel, Grant
2013-02-09 Let Your Light So Shine
Appolis, Eddie
2009-11-21 Let Go and Let God
2009-08-28 Confidence in Salvation
2012-10-03 The Tight Skirt of Prejudice
Birkenstock, David
2012-11-03 The Ripple Effect
Caiove, Joao
2012-04-14 The Holy and Holiness
Campling, Greg
2009-08-08 God or Golf
Cruz, Marcos
2009-01-24 Secret Christian
2009-07-25 Wedding
2009-12-26 Compliments by Jesus
Dalbock, Peter
2012-02-18 As in the Days of Noah
2012-03-31 Fact or Feeling
2012-04-21 His Bride has Made Herself Ready
2012-05-12 Glory in the Cross
2012-06-08 Secrets of the Early Christian Church
2012-06-23 Recovering Lost Treasure
2012-07-07 Overcoming Discouragement
2012-10-13 The Holy Spirit and Renewal
2012-10-14 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
2012-10-16 Good-Bye to Guilt
2012-10-18 How to Live with Your Conscience
2012-10-19 Hardest Thing for the Human Heart
2012-10-20 The Vally of Dry Bones
2012-11-10 David's Dilemma
2012-12-01 Key to Life's Blessings
2013-01-12 Lessons from the Red Sea
2013-02-02 Measuring in Love
2013-03-01 The Strange Employer
2013-03-23 The Greatest Love
2013-04-27 Soaring on Eagle's Wings
Erasmus, Andre
2009-06 13 Noah's Times
Fikoloma, Trevor
2012-02-04 The Equipping Grace of God
Gertse, Sam
2013-02-23 Imitators
Gordon, Aaron
2013-04-13 Cremora Chirstian
Harris, Eddie
2009-11-28 7 Sabbaths
2012-07-14 The Lord Your God is with You
2013-01-05 The Three Invasions
Health Testimony
2013-04-13 Testimony
Jonker, P
2007-11-10 The Two Washings
Klingbeil, Martin
2009-08-15 Happy Birthday
2009-10-03 The Lord is My Shepherd
Kotela, Sivuyile
2012-04-07 Why Follow Jesus
2013-01-26 Deaf Listeners
Lichtenwatter, Larry
2012-02-11 Two Book Ends
Lupondwana, Mandla
2013-04-20 Embarressed by Jesus
Maag, Matthias
2010-01-30 Love at Home
2012-10-27 My Grace is Sifficient for You
Musvosvi, Simba
2012-04-28 A God Who Works the Night Shift
2012-11-24 Grasping the Invisible
Potgieter, Danie
2009-07-04 The Word of God
2009-08-01 Times of Trouble and God's Provision
Prinsloo, Collin
2012-05-05 God's Love... Christ Our Iron Man
Ramages, Jerome
2007-10-27 Job: I Will See Him Face To Face
2008-08-26 Knowing Jesus (Week of Prayer)
2009-08-27 Washed Robes of Character
2012-06-02 Consecration
Robb, Wesley
2013-03-09 Thy Kingdom Come
Seenundun, Nuvind
2012-07-28 With Jesus it's Punch and Vitamins
2013-03-30 With Jesus it's a Block Note
Sokupa, Michael
2012-05-26 Hope for the Scattered Flock
Sterley, Brian
2009-04-18 Song of Songs
2013-01-19 Becoming what God Intended You
to Be
Strauss, Justin
2009-06-27 Truth
2009-09-26 Revival
2012-12-29 Two Halves in the Life of Peter
van Tonder, Francois
2012-03-24 Concerning Morality
2012-12-22 Remember
Veith, Walter
2007-12-15 A New Reformation Needed
2009-05-30 I Hear the Rumbling
Victor, Peter
2009-07-18 The Lord's Prayer
Visser, Eugene
2012-05-19 Knowing the Father
Webster, Eric
2012-12-08 Water into Wine
White, Chad
2009-04-04 Grace
2009-11-14 Faithful God
Women's Ministries
2012-11-17 Praising God in the Circumstances
Wright, Glenn
2007-11-24 Solutions for Struggling Saints
Zygmont, Conrad
2007-12-08 Identity Crisis
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