Running on a bi-weekly schedule, the Silverleaf Youth Ministries (SYM) team ordinarily hosted a Friday-night programme on various locations on the Helderberg College campus. However, due to the lockdown restrictions we have moved our programmes to online Zoom sessions every Friday night at 19:00. Feel free to contact our youth leader for more information.

The aim of SYM is to help one another grow in Christ. We are not an arbitrary group of people coming together, but rather a group of friends, cultivating a community of likeminded believers.

Encouraging sound Christian values within one another, sharing our faith and perspectives on God, and creating lasting relationships forms part of the purpose of SYM. 

As a personal message from Silverleaf Youth Ministries to you, we want to say that you are not alone and you can feel free to talk to us at anytime―together we can discover and journey through the wonderful Word of God.